Mutherpluckin' B
Killed by Koopa

Killed by Koopa was the name of my live band during 2010–2013. Alongside me on guitar, we were Hyde209 on drums, KGS on keyboards and Erik Olsson on bass. We played some Mutherpluckin' B songs, like the Fire Man theme and Sky Diver Inside Her, but mostly we performed our own arrangements of tunes from games like Rygar, Metroid, Starcraft, Final Fantasy, Diablo, Journey to Silius, Donkey Kong Country, Sonic The Hedgehog and Zelda 64. Style wise we were rocking and funky but sounded more folky than my music does.

We performed in various local places around Uppsala, Sweden, getting some fantastic feedback from the audience, but due to people moving apart and other practical reasons, we disbanded in 2012, doing our last gig in the summer of 2013.

In October 2012 we released Stage One, our debut album, a no-frills live-in-the-studio recording with some of our best NES and Sega arrangements.

You can download and listen to it at Bandcamp.

Some of our best live performances can also be seen on My Youtube Channel.

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