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Welcome to listen and download my songs!

Most of my songs are on albums, but I'm also featured on a few compilation and tribute albums. Occasionally I release single songs as well.

The Mushroom Variety Show

Free digital edition (13 free tracks) released 13 July 2014 online.

1. Flyin' High (part 1) (Turtles in Time / Hyperstone Heist)   ogg   mp3   flac
2. Rock 'n' Roll Recycling Center (Mega Man 3)   ogg   mp3   flac
3. Lava Flow (Rokko Chan by King)   ogg   mp3   flac
4. Don't Warp Me to the Desert (Psycho Fox)   ogg   mp3   flac
5. Magnet On My Back (Mega Man 3)   ogg   mp3   flac
6. Driving Down to Skull Land (Psycho Fox)   mp3   flac
7. Six Days in the Mountains (Duck Tales)   ogg   mp3   flac
8. Maple Syrup (Ilomilo by Southend Interactive)   ogg   mp3   flac
9. Smoke Bubbles (Mega Man 2)   ogg   mp3   flac
10. Spaced Salamander (Life Force)   ogg   mp3   flac
11. Crying in the Delta Wind (Delta (C64) by Rob Hubbard)   ogg   mp3   flac
12. The Mushroom Variety Show (Super Mario Bros 3)   ogg   mp3   flac
13. Flyin' High (part 2) (Turtles in Time / Hyperstone Heist)   ogg   mp3   flac  
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zork Vlad Piranha (2014-Jul-17)
I'm glad to hear Magnet Man done with class. It was always my favorite song from the series and definitely one of the most memorable songs from the NES era.

Dee (2014-Aug-02)
You are the best. Maybe you should add a button for donation... I would :o)

Cyan (2014-Aug-05)
Just Bomb-tastik !!! It's pure gold and awesomeness ! I think, for example, "The Mushroom Variety Show" track is amazing :)

さかもと (2016-Jul-27)
5年前くらいから聴いてます! ありがとう!

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Blastin' Through the Years

Released 1 December 2013
I participated in the November Dwelling of Duels, which was Blaster Master month, and came fourth place. My track, called Blastin' Through the Years features fellow Killed by Koopa member KGS and can be heard on Soundcloud here or on youtube.

Angry Video Game Blues

Released 15 December 2011
A swingin' heavy blues shuffle cover of the Angry Video Game Nerd theme song. Complete with vocals, bridge, guitar solo, coda and loud screams.
Original song written and performed by Kyle Justin. Drawing by Elton Portilho.
Click here to stream or download (from
Alt. download link here.


Released by Souleye, 13 March 2011

My cover of the song Passion for Exploring is featured on this excellent all-star cover compilation of the soundtrack for the online game VVVVVV, written by Magnus "Souleye" Pälsson. Be sure to check it out at its website at I can really recommend buying this record — you won't be disappointed.


Released by Headphonica, 3 October 2010
My songs Cryin' in the Delta Wind and Unsanxioned Soloing are featured on this all-star compilation of C64 covers. It's available as a free download at Headphonica and, among other places. A special thanks goes to Igor Jovanovic for putting this together and including me on the record!


Released by Game Music 4 All, 17 March 2010
My songs Chaos Behind Black Curtains and A Mere Tribute are featured on this great compilation of covers of compositions by Hiroyuki Iwatsuki. Visit to listen, 100% free.

8-Bit Democracy

Socialist Edition (12 free tracks) released 12 May 2009 online.
Capitalist Edition (14 tracks) released 21 July 2009 on CDR.
Capitalist Edition released 20 March 2012 on Spotify, iTunes, Medianet, eMusic, Zune, Rhapsody, Nokia, VerveLife and Google Play; distributed by Tunecore.
Capitalist Edition released online for free on this site 29 November 2013.

This album is out of print on CD. Currently there are no plans to make more copies, so you'll have to stick with the digital version. You do get the full Capitalist Edition for free now.
1. Please Select Freedom (Super Mario Bros 2)   ogg   mp3   flac
2. Deflektions of My Life (Deflektor [C64] by Ben Daglish)   ogg   mp3   flac
3. Sky Diver, Inside Her (Mega Man 4)   ogg   mp3   flac
4. Razzle Rides to Town (Battletoads / Gunsmoke)   ogg   mp3   flac
5. Napalm on the Dancefloor (Mega Man 5 / Castlevania)   ogg   mp3   flac
6. All My Bubbles Burst (Mega Man 2)   ogg   mp3   flac
7. Turtle Funk (Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles)   ogg   mp3   flac
8. Unsanxioned Soloing (Sanxion [C64] by Rob Hubbard)   ogg   mp3   flac
9. Investigating Outer Heaven (Metal Gear / Super Mario Bros)   ogg   mp3   flac
10. Air Guitar (Mega Man 2 & 3)   ogg   mp3   flac
11. Don't Feed the Warhawk (Warhawk [C64] by Rob Hubbard)   ogg   mp3   flac
12. Lead Jewelry (Mega Man 9)   ogg   mp3   flac
13. Achilles, Mega Man and the Silver Surfer (Having a Rave Up with Dr Wily)
(Mega Man 1-3 / Silver Surfer)   ogg   mp3   flac
14. Godzilla's Head Soup (Godzilla)   ogg   mp3   flac  
Listeners' comments on this album

Hyde209 (2009-May-25)
Helt otroligt ^^ NU är den här!!! Kan inte vänta tills jag lagt vantarna på denna musikaliska raritet =D Hoppas du inte fått avsmak på NES musik. P.S. Vi kanske har en basist ^^ //Thomas

untrustful (2009-May-28)
Amazing Songs!!! Great Job!

koloboko (2010-Jan-22)
Incredible stuff! In three albums you've gone from pretty good to absolutely amazing! 5 out of 5, this music is HOT

nitouhei (2010-Apr-26)
Funk'n AWESOME! Love your tunes<3

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Released 23 June 2005.

This album is out of print on CD. Currently there are no plans to make more copies.
1. Theme from Nintendosploitation (Mega Man 2)   ogg   mp3   flac
2. Link's Got A Bop Gun (The Legend of Zelda)   ogg   mp3   flac
3. (Let Me Stand Next to Your) Fire Storm (Mega Man)   ogg   mp3   flac
4. The Machine Guns of Hicksville (Gunsmoke)   ogg   mp3   flac
5. Funckin' in the Woods (Mega Man 2)   ogg   mp3   flac
6. A Funk to the Past (Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link)   ogg   mp3   flac
7. Sly and the Edison Family (Maniac Mansion)   ogg   mp3   flac
8. Crash Bomb in the Lobby (Mega Man 2)   ogg   mp3   flac
9. A Quarter Full of Snakes (Mega Man 3)   ogg   mp3   flac
10. Chasin' the Boss (Disney's Duck Tales)   ogg   mp3   flac
11. Got My Dope from the Needle Man (Mega Man 3)   ogg   mp3   flac
12. Apartment 1-2 (OD'd and Dead) (Super Mario Bros)   ogg   mp3   flac
13. I Wanna Beam You Up Baby (Mega Man)   ogg   mp3   flac
14. Swing Down Sweet Motorbike (Excite Bike)   ogg   mp3   flac  
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RUBYKRON (2008-Apr-23)

mintfresh (2008-Sep-22)
Some pretty cool stuff here, nice sounds man. I found this place after the story on Kotaku, and I'm glad I did. Looking forward to your next album.

leo (2008-Oct-04)

Peco (2009-Apr-09)
This music is amazing!! Honestly, this is some high end stuff.

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Sex, Drugs 'n' Nintendo

Released August 2004.

This album is out of print on CD. Currently there are no plans to make more copies.
1. Gunsmoke (Gunsmoke)   ogg   mp3   flac
2. Transylvania (Disney's Duck Tales)   ogg   mp3   flac
3. Wizards and Warriors (Wizards and Warriors)   ogg   mp3   flac
4. Ragnarok's Canyon (Battletoads)   ogg   mp3   flac
5. African Mines (Disney's Duck Tales)   ogg   mp3   flac
6. Desert Diggin' Jam (SMB 2 / W & W)   ogg   mp3   flac
7. Press Start (Mega Man Opening) (Mega Man 2-3)   ogg   mp3   flac
8. Time Stopper (Mega Man 2)   ogg   mp3   flac
9. Elec Beam (Mega Man)   ogg   mp3   flac
10. Quick Boomerang (Mega Man 2)   ogg   mp3   flac
11. Spark Shock (Mega Man 3)   ogg   mp3   flac
12. Dr Wily's Castle Part 1 (Mega Man 2)   ogg   mp3   flac
13. Dr Wily's Castle Part 2 (Mega Man 3)   ogg   mp3   flac
14. Mega Man End (Mega Man 2)   ogg   mp3   flac  
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