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March Toward Extinction

Album · released 15 September 2022

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Youtube playlist here

Rock 'n' Roll for Basement Dwellers

Album · released 8 January 2019

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1. I Feel Straight (On My Blades of Steel) Blades of Steel
2. Take Me To The Top, Man! Mega Man 3
3. Devastation Powerstrike
4. Solar Man (Has Had Enough) Mega Man 10
5. Ken Sent Me Street Fighter II
6. Just Call Billy The Adventures of Bayou Billy
7. Alis Phantasy Star II
8. AVGN Blues Angry Video Game Nerd Theme

The Mushroom Variety Show

Album · released 13 July 2014

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1. Flyin' High (part 1) Turtles in Time / Hyperstone Heist
2. Rock 'n' Roll Recycling Center Mega Man 3
3. Lava Flow Rokko Chan by King
4. Don't Warp Me to the Desert Psycho Fox
5. Magnet On My Back Mega Man 3
6. Driving Down to Skull Land Psycho Fox
7. Amazon Juke Joint Duck Tales
8. Six Days in the Mountains Duck Tales
9. Maple Syrup Ilomilo by Southend Interactive
10. Can't Cut Down /
Magical Sound Shower
Mega Man / Outrun
11. Metal Man's Day Job Mega Man 2
12. Smoke Bubbles Mega Man 2
13. Spaced Salamander Life Force
14. Crying in the Delta Wind Delta (C64) by Rob Hubbard
15. The Mushroom Variety Show Super Mario Bros 3
16. Flyin' High (part 2) Turtles in Time / Hyperstone Heist

8-Bit Democracy

Album · released 12 May 2009

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1. Please Select Freedom Super Mario Bros 2
2. Deflektions of My Life Deflektor by Ben Daglish
3. Sky Diver, Inside Her Mega Man 4
4. Razzle Rides to Town Battletoads / Gunsmoke
5. Napalm on the Dancefloor Mega Man 5 / Castlevania
6. All My Bubbles Burst Mega Man 2
7. Turtle Funk Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles
8. Unsanxioned Soloing Sanxion by Rob Hubbard
9. Investigating Outer Heaven Metal Gear / SMB
10. Air Guitar Mega Man 2 & 3
11. Don't Feed the Warhawk Warhawk by Rob Hubbard
12. Lead Jewelry Mega Man 9
13. Achilles, Mega Man and the Silver Surfer (Having a Rave Up with Dr Wily) Mega Man 1-3 / Silver Surfer
14. Godzilla's Head Soup Godzilla

Sex, Drugs 'n' Nintendo

Album · released August 2004

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1. Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
2. Transylvania Disney's Duck Tales
3. Wizards and Warriors Wizards and Warriors
4. Ragnarok's Canyon Battletoads
5. African Mines Disney's Duck Tales
6. Desert Diggin' Jam SMB 2 / Wizards & Warriors
7. Press Start (Mega Man Opening) Mega Man 2-3
8. Time Stopper Mega Man 2
9. Elec Beam Mega Man
10. Quick Boomerang Mega Man 2
11. Spark Shock Mega Man 3
12. Dr Wily's Castle Part 1 Mega Man 2
13. Dr Wily's Castle Part 2 Mega Man 3
14. Mega Man End Mega Man 2

Compilations featuring Mutherpluckin' B

I have been featured on a bunch of albums with video game remixes by various artists, organized by some of the nicest and most enthusiastic VGM geeks on the internet. * = Contains songs released on regular Mutherpluckin' B albums.


Released by Souleye, 13 March 2011

My cover of the song Passion for Exploring is featured on this excellent all-star cover compilation of the soundtrack for the online game VVVVVV, written by Magnus "Souleye" Pålsson. Be sure to check it out at its website at I can really recommend buying this record — you won't be disappointed.

Super VG Christmas Party

Released 11 December 2014 by Patient Corgi

This cheery Christmas album with many great artists was produced by Ian Luckey and I contributed the disco inspired song Alpine Peak (After Ski Party), with several contributions by friends. Download or listen to the album here.

Shell Shocked *

Released 8 April 2014 by Kyle Crouse / OCRemix

This big compilation of Turtles In Time / Hyperstone Heist covers, released on OCRemix and organized by Kyle Crouse, features my song Flyin' High song also released on my album The Mushroom Variety Show.

Iwadon: Hiroyuki Iwatsuki

Released 17 March 2010 by Game Music 4 All

A very nice tribute to Japanese game composer Hiroyuki Iwatsuki where I contributed the classic rock remixes Chaos Behind Black Curtains and A Mere Tribute. Listen and download here.

Seed 64 *

Released by Headphonica, 3 October 2010

My songs Cryin' in the Delta Wind and Unsanxioned Soloing are featured on this all-star compilation of C64 covers. Listen and Download at

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