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Mutherpluckin' B

Welcome to the world of video game rock artist Mutherpluckin' B!

Here you'll find my own versions of music from classic video games, mostly influenced by '60s, '70s and '80s music styles. So far I've recorded four albums and a few videos and participated in several vgm related collaborations. Feel free to download or buy my records and comment and share as you like.
— Mutherpluckin' B

27 March 2016 – New song release!

For the 2016 music competition at, I have made this cover of the Danger Zone tune from Wonder Boy 3. Lovely keyboard playing by Killed By Koopa alumni KGS (rest of the instruments by me). Hope you like it!

19 February 2016 – New music video

Finally, my music video for the Spark Man song on The Mushroom Variety Show album is cut and out! Watch it on youtube right here.

12 December 2014 – Super VG Christmas Party is here!

This is an awesome 42-track compilation of christmas/winter versions of video game songs, produced by Ian Luckey of Kirby's Dream Band and featuring many artists such as Random Encounter, CarbohydroM, The Oneups, Megabeardo and many more. I'm featured on one track, a disco/orchestra influenced cover of Alpine Peak from Donkey Kong Barrel Blast, assisted by five friends. Listen/download for free at the album's Bandcamp page, and check it out on Facebook.
Super VG Christmas Party

14 October 2014 – Further plans for The Mushroom Variety Show

Thanks to all of you who contributed to my IndieGoGo crowdfunding vinyl funding campaign! Unfortunately, we didn't reach the goal to produce a vinyl edition, but I did make a small amount of money which will definitely be invested in Mutherpluckin' B items, be it t-shirts, posters, Spotify releases or simply new music. Stay tuned for more information!

13 July 2014 – New album out now!

After two centuries, my fourth album, called The Mushroom Variety Show, is now out! The free 13-track version is here for streaming on the online player page or downloading on the Music page.

I've also launched a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo to get this album released on vinyl in the near future and you are most welcome to contribute to it!
The Mushroom Variety Show front cover

9 April 2014 – new Mutherpluckin' B song on Turtles 4 collab

The world's most fearsome remixing team, headed by Kyle Crouse, backed by OCRemix and featuring Mutherpluckin' B, has just released Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shell Shocked. 22 tracks of pizza power, and it's completely free!
Shell Shocked

28 March 2014 – New Sunsoft song out!

When Dwelling of Duels announced Sunsoft Month, I couldn't abstain from participating with one of my favourite vgm songs ever, Strange Memories of Death from the game Gimmick!. My version, featuring Killed by Koopa keyboardist KGS on synthesizer, was voted 5th and will appear on a future Mutherpluckin' B album (though not Mushroom Variety Show). Until then, you can hear it on youtube.

1 December 2013 – New song out!

I participated in the November Dwelling of Duels, which was Blaster Master month, and came fourth place. My track, called Blastin' Through the Years features fellow Killed by Koopa member KGS and can be heard on Soundcloud here or on youtube.
Blaster Master
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8-Bit Democracy
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